Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Color portrait

Nothing to say, just other excercice about color theory with Cameron Wasson.

Stay warm... 2hrs practicing.

Basic LowPoly modeling, with nothing more than the basics shapes.
No textures, no mapping and no expressions.
To keep the speed and things in my head. It tooks around 2.50hrs with renders inclusive.

More details? with more time...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Master Copy

For the last assigment on a Mark Tennant class at the Academy we needed to do a Master copy in charcoal of some portrait from near by 19th.

I chose Portrait of a Man (61.5 x 50 cm) oil paint on canvas.
By Fabre, Fran├žois-Xavier (1766-1837 French)
Made in 1809. National Gallery of Scotland.

Thats the progress from 12pm to 8pm... non stop.

And here it is. Enjoy.