Monday, March 28, 2011

VizDev Checklist

This is based on some notes that I have being taking from the classes “Drawing for Films” and “Visual Development” from Anthony Christov.

I got the feeling that most of critiques on everyone's work are base on the same criteria, and can be organized in these groups. Let me know if you find a way to do it better... 

The Shot / Composition
  • Is it describing what you want it to tell?  What is the story?
  • Is the line of action clear?
  • What is the focal point?  What is the secondary focal point, if any?
  • Is anything distracting or competing with the focal point?
  • Does it have an easy read silhouette?
  • Is the perspective OK? Linear and atmospheric.
  • Is the camera angle placed at an interesting and clear point of view?
  • Does it have depth? Foreground, middle ground and background?
  • Is there leading space or space for the character(s) to move?
  • Is it visually balanced and interesting? Rule of thirds, symmetry, etc.
  • Are shapes, colors and details placed with rhythm and variation?
  • Is the graphic style working as a whole?
Characters / Creatures
  • Is the anatomy and figure drawing in proportion?
  • If anything is foreshortened, do the angles and overlapping forms look right?
  • Is the overall shape balanced?
  • Can you tell who they are? (reinforce archetypes: gender, age, race)
  • Do the characters work together?
  • What is communicating the body language and posture? Is the pose clear and dynamic?
  • Can you easily recognize each character’s roll in the shot? Hierarchy, hero, villain, etc.
  • Is the design base on its function? Anatomy, costume, proportions, ‘Why this?’, etc.
  • Are they believable? Do you relate with them?
  • Are the default or generic? Why not? What’s new?
Elements / Objects
  • Are they believable and relatable?
  • Are they giving the necessary info to support the story? Any distractions?
  • Where and when are we?
  • Can you tell an implied story about the scene and objects?
  • Are elements and their parts demonstrating their functions?
  • Interesting shapes? Unity and variation.
  • Are they detailed enough without being distracting?  Are the most important objects more detailed than the less important objects?) Are details placed with rhythm?
Created by Nicolas Ariztia 2011
Edited by: Alexandra Bond on 3/10/11

Here is the link to the online 'updated' doc...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Still Life Painting 101 part 2

My last attempts with oil and some studies. This is like playing piano, many years to achieve a good level. Frustrating.